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Improve Memory

Improve Memory

From BrainState.com:


When some of us were in school, before it was illegal to touch students as it is in many cases today, a “whack on the side of the head” was often employed as a teaching tool with the intention of improving the student’s ability to remember their lessons.

A friend, for instance, reports studying for an important exam at age 11 and being hit on the head with an exercise book whenever he couldn’t remember something. There was simply no understanding back then that hitting the head can cause brain trauma, which actually reduces the individual’s ability to remember because it disrupts the brain’s inherent harmony.

It’s now recognized that short-term and long-term memory are handled differently by the brain. When information is committed to long-term memory, it’s stored diffusely throughout the neural network, which means that effective recollection is aided by a neural network that’s in tiptop working order. The hemispheres and lobes are harmonized and balanced.

In the next BrainTalk, we’ll discuss how Brainwave Optimization™ from Brain State Technologies® can facilitate improved memory by helping information flow smoothly across the neural network.


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